A Great Bali Guide – What You Can Expect

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If you are planning to study abroad in Indonesia, an English Indonesian language travel guide is indispensable for your trip. While there are plenty of wonderful tourist destinations, a majority of travelers to Bali will be from the United Kingdom. Due to restrictions implemented by the Indonesian government, not all foreign students can enter the country without special permission. This means that if you have your whole family with you, or are part of an organized group that requires special treatment at the airport, you may not be able to enter the country without a suitable passport. However, even if you are not from the United Kingdom, you can still study Indonesian through an English Indonesian language study program.

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One of the best ways to get around Bali when on holiday is to use a combination of public transportation – taxis, buses, minibuses – and a private vehicle. The most convenient way to travel around Ubud, the capital city, is to take a tour bus. There are many tour buses around Ubud, which make intercity travel easier and more budget-friendly. Once you reach Ubud, however, it’s time to plan your own route; traveling via bus will allow you to explore more of the island. A well-planned travel route will allow you to see more of Ubud’s interesting sights, including the breathtaking natural landscapes, old-world architecture, as well as the fine restaurants and nightlife that continue to charm visitors from around the world.

Once you reach the island, make sure to plan your stay ahead of time. Bali travel guides will inform you that the best time to visit Bali from early May to mid Sept. The rainy season runs from late Sept to early Oct. For this reason, you should also consider booking your accommodation well in advance. Some of the most popular Bali hotel accommodations are located right in Ubud, such as the Le Meridien Beach Resort. With spacious rooms and delicious cuisine, this Bali hotel is perfect for relaxing and enjoying your stay in Ubud.

If you’re traveling to Seminyak and Ubud during the height of tourist season, you’ll likely be booked up for a few months. In order to save time, you may want to rent a car before heading out to these two islands. You can either book a one-day tour or a four-day tour. Car rental agencies are plentiful in Seminyak and Ubud, so there’s no need to worry about limited driving times. Just be sure to confirm prices and pick up the phone to book a rental car before leaving for your trip.

Bali travel tips in Seminyak include staying at an authentic Balinese Resport Village rather than staying in a typical tourist resort. Many villas have private pools, gyms, tennis courts, and more. You can get a true feel for Balinese culture by staying in a villa. The villas also provide access to private beaches and tennis courts, so you’ll have no excuse for missing out on the local life.

If you’d like a little more excitement on your trip, consider traveling to Jimbaran Bay, where you’ll spend some time swimming, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, sailing, or just hanging out. You’ll also find some great seafood restaurants in Jimbaran Bay, which makes it even easier to get a full stomach from your Bali travel adventure. There are plenty of shopping opportunities, too, so you’ll never have a dull moment in Seminyak.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have the appropriate clothing when you head to Jimbaran Bay. Your Bali travel tip for this region is to dress in layers, so that you won’t be cold once you hit the water. Once in the water, you can mingle with the locals, go deep-sea fishing, or participate in other water sports such as kayaking. You might even go deep-sea fishing while watching the amazing sunsets from the shore. There are so many things to do in Jimbaran Bay that you’ll want to make sure you bring enough sunscreen to prevent sunburns on your journey back home.

To get more information about Bali’s culture, spend some time in Ubud, one of the most ancient towns in Bali. Ubud is an important historical site, where you’ll learn about the life of the legendary islander, Captain Cook. You can also spend time in Candidasa, another town in Bali. As you can see, your Bali travel guide will have a lot to tell you about Bali, but the real fun comes when you get out there and do some of the activities yourself!

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